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While critical facilities increase in number and prominence within the buildings industry, so do the pressures on the facility engineers who keep them going (and on the design engineers who plan them). Seeing these trends, Engineered Systems has launched this Critical Facilities microsite. Here, you can find white papers, bylined feature articles, upcoming events, and industry news with a tilt toward hospitals, data centers, hospitality venues, and other facilities who must operate reliably around the clock. We want to spotlight your firm's news, accomplishments, and ideas in this area; e-mail editor Robert Beverly at



White Papers


Articles and columns from facility managers, consultants, and beyond.

Getting Acquainted With Liquid Desiccant

There was a time when energy efficiency was not a criterion for designing critical environments. From data centers to museum exhibit spaces, critical environments required tight temperature and relative humidity control at all costs.

Standby Power: Behind The 10-Second Start

The ability of engine-powered generators to start and supply standby power of acceptable frequency and voltage within 10 seconds of a utility outage has made these generators the standby power system of choice for a wide variety of facilities including mission critical.
Headlines and recent happenings of note for critical facilities.
Editor's Note

Can’t-Fail Facilities

Critical facilities … it’s not just about data centers, much like this magazine has evolved to be much more than our traditional dead-tree issue.
Industry News

ASHE Announces New President-Elect, Board Members

Members of the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) of the American Hospital Association have elected a new president-elect and new members of the ASHE Board of Directors.
Upcoming chances to learn and network around the world.
Technical briefing and analysis from manufacturers in the industry.
electrical best practice

An Electrical Win-Win Solution

Syska Hennessy is continually challenged to increase our client’s availability and reduce installed cost (CAPEX) at the same time. Here’s one best practice that we are using to meet this challenge.
CF white paper, data centers

Integrated Automated Controls for Data Centers-Philosophy & Approach

Critical facilities such as data centers use a wide range of mechanical-electrical support systems that are essential to their day-to-day operations.