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The Green Energy Management Book


Product Details

Using energy management to create green buildings.

Use this easy-to-use guide to become a specialist in the green movement. Learn how to market and sell energy management services, conduct Walk-through Surveys and Energy Audits, master energy bills and calculate savings, and target retrofit work.

Here’s what Norm Christopherson, Senior Training Specialist from Johnson Controls says, "This little book is a golden nugget on energy management! A must have for anyone getting started with energy conservation in buildings and a prime resource for those already involved. From getting organized to conducting audits to calculating savings and implementing energy solutions, this book gets to the point and covers all the essentials.

SECTION A. Energy Management Opportunities

Job Opportunities for You
The Energy Management Team
Becoming a Successful Building Energy Manager
Marketing and Sales
The Walk-through Survey
Calculating Savings

SECTION B. The Energy Audit The Energy Audit Process
The Building Envelope
How a Building is Used
The Lighting Systems
The Air Handling System
The Chilled Water Cooling System
The Heating System
Automatic Controls
The Domestic Water Heating System
The Energy Audit Report

SECTION F. Retrofit Work
Retrofit, Final Report, and Tracking
Appendix A—Walk-through Survey Checklist
Appendix B—Calculating EUI (Energy Utilization Index)

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