GrayWolf introduces an enhanced version of its cloud-based web application. Users can access real-time and logged data from any of the company’s Wi-Fi-enabled AdvancedSense® meters, WolfPack® monitors, or WolfSense® LAP tablet-based kits. In addition, DirectSense® II probes will soon offer an optional, installed WiFi card allowing for direct communication to most internet-connected devices via GrayWolfLive 3.0. GrayWolf manufactures various advanced portable, semi-permanent and continuous monitoring instruments for your choice of measurements, from two up to 32 parameters simultaneously, including carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ozone, relative humidity, temperature, and much more.

GrayWolf officials said the company employs Microsoft Azure servers for secure, reliable access to real-time and data-logged information. Data may be displayed in various formats including “live” readings, gauges, single or multi-y graphs, and, tabular data over defined periods (e.g. 8-hour, 24-hour, all-time).