HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — NV5 Global Inc., a provider of compliance, technology, and engineering consulting solutions, announced that Quantum Spatial, a division of NV5, has launched INSITE, a cloud-based geospatial data management platform that enables users to more intelligently and cost-effectively manage geospatial data. INSITE provides tools for the electric utilities and telecommunication industries as well as federal, state, and local governments to support geospatial data aggregation, access, and collaboration across the enterprise.

INSITE is delivered through a subscription-based pricing model and supports the management of all types of geospatial data to accommodate the diverse set of technologies leveraged today. INSITE’s proprietary technology allows users to search, serve, and visualize massive datasets. INSITE can also be integrated with enterprise resource and asset management systems, such as Esri, IBM, SAP, and other engineering analysis platforms.

“Quantum Spatial continually innovates and develops new technologies to help clients maximize the use of their geospatial information,” said Dickerson Wright, P.E., chairman and CEO, NV5. “Delivered through a multiyear, subscription-based model, INSITE provides a cloud-based data management platform accessible from any computer and strengthens our embedded relationships with clients who depend on NV5’s geospatial expertise.”

“INSITE was purpose-built to allow users to collaborate more effectively, visualize large and diverse data with ease, and gain real-time insights through powerful analytics,” said Mark Abatto, president and COO of NV5 Geospatial. For more information, visit www.nv5.com.