The YORK® brand of Johnson Controls has released two new commercial units — the 6.5- to 12.5-ton Predator™ series and 15- to 23-ton Large Sunline™ series. With efficiencies reaching as high as 21 IEER, these products comply with requirements set by the United States Department of Energy (DoE), ASHRAE 90.1-2013, 2015 International Energy Conservation Code, and the Consortium for Energy Efficiency’s Advanced Tier*. These efficiencies are achieved through the optimization of advanced technologies, including:

  • Two independent refrigerant circuits to provide system redundancy and optimal reliability;
  • Two UltraTech™ compressors allow for three stages of cooling on 6.5- to 17.5-ton models, one UltraTech™ compressor and one set of tandem scroll compressors provide four stages of cooling on 20-ton and 23-ton models to meet the most stringent building code requirements; 
  • IntelliSpeed™ discrete fan control (DFC) to provide variation of the fan speed based on number of cooling stages engaged; and
  • ECM condenser fan motor.
  • Each unit is built exclusively to order and offers a number of options and accessories to match a building’s needs. In addition to common options, advanced features include:
  • Optional MagnaDRY™ reheat system allows a portion of the refrigerant’s rejected heat to be reused, increasing efficiency, and reducing moisture levels without overcooling; and
  • Optional VAV uses a variable frequency drive and pressure transducer to maintain constant static pressure in the supply duct. VAV units have three stages of cooling operation and the 20- and 23-ton VAV units have four stages of cooling.

--York, Johnson Controls