York-102113-body.jpgJohnson Controls launched the new York® Prestige™ rooftop units, which match the footprints of other manufacturers’ units. The new design reduces installation complexities and saves contractors time by eliminating the need for a curb adapter, which is typically required when a new unit does not identically match the existing unit footprint. The 3- to 12.5-ton York® Prestige™ rooftop units are designed to include several features, such as advanced microprocessor control technology with an LED display, a programmable USB interface and digital diagnostic readouts. The control delivers information on unit status, start-up and commissioning features, unit setup, supply, return and outdoor air temperatures and plug and play accessories. The available 13 SEER, 10.8-11.2 EER or 15 SEER, 11.5-12.2 EER packaged rooftop units also feature top panels that provide a durable, rigid cabinet for longevity and noise reduction. Sturdy, thicker gauge base rails support easy lifting and reduce potential handling damage, while gaining the highest level in seismic certification ratings. A powder paint exterior finish with 1,000-hour salt spray rating offers corrosion protection. All models use a single or dual scroll compressor, which means a simple internal design with fewer moving parts, resulting in a quiet and efficient system.