Howden American Fan Company has introduced its new ventilation concept for underground parking garages, which includes two alternative options — the Jet Thrust Fan and the Induction Thrust Fan. The company says the new system lowers the required parking garage height by about 4 ft, reducing excavation and cement costs and lowering overall construction costs.

The Howden system replaces traditional ducted garage ventilation distribution with a number of small ceiling-mounted fans. The Jet Thrust Fan option features small ceiling-mounted UL-certified units, with silencers, hangers, and deflectors. The Jet Thrust Fan can be equipped with optional reversible flow capability for emergency smoke ventilation and access for fire personnel. The alternative Induction Thrust Fan option features small ceiling-mounted UL-705 certified units with an even smaller height profile than the Jet Thrust Fan. Induction Thrust fans are used for ventilation, and as noted, reduce construction costs and require lower building heights.

Howden supplies axial or centrifugal fans, placed in the optimum location to distribute the airflow to all areas of the parking garage, ensuring removal of any stagnant air. The Jet Thrust/ Induction Thrust fans are controlled to detect pollution and activate only as needed to meet required pollution thresholds. The system can be zoned, so all fans do not have to operate at the same time.