Greenheck’s new GreenJet® axial transfer fans provide ventilation for ductless underground parking applications. In a ductless system, the garage still uses a main supply and exhaust duct, but the installation of an axial transfer fan eliminates the need for ductwork throughout the parking areas. The company says this approach maintains safe conditions by providing fresh air dilution within the space. Officials also claim the installation costs are reduced by eliminating the need for ductwork in the garage area, and the low-profile design helps to lower garage construction costs by reducing floor-to-floor heights.

The GreenJet Model GJX utilizes an efficient airfoil propeller designed to move high volumes of air through a smaller diameter fan. GreenJet fans are available with inlet and outlet attenuation to keep sound levels low. Model GJX is AMCA Licensed for Air Performance and UL/cUL Listed for Electrical (UL/cUL-705) and Power Ventilators for Smoke Control.