Greenheck-042715-body.jpgGreenheck has expanded its packaged rooftop ventilation line with the addition of Model RV(E)-120, a pre-engineered system featuring increased performance capabilities for larger dedicated outdoor air systems, multi-zone VAV systems, and single-zone VAV systems.

Model RV(E)-120 has a two-in R13 foam panel construction and thermally broken design. Low sound condenser fans are an average of 5-10dB less than standard condensing fans for quieter operation, while dual supply and exhaust fans deliver improved performance as well as reduced unit electrical loads. Four independent cooling circuits allow for excellent cooling turndown and control, according to the company. On indirect gas-fired furnaces, 10:1 modulating turndown is available for increased operating performance. Performance capacities include 12,000 cfm, up to 45 tons of cooling, and up to 800 Mbh heating.