Greenheck now offers low sound condenser fans as a standard offering on its Model RV and RVE pre-engineered packaged rooftop ventilation systems. Condenser fan noise levels can be a challenge with air-cooled packaged rooftop equipment installations. If the equipment is too loud, or placed too close to other buildings, corrective actions can be time consuming and costly. Greenheck’s low sound condenser fans offer a sound power reduction on average of 5 to 8 decibels when compared to standard condenser fans resulting in perceived sound levels being reduced by up to 50%. An optional electronically commutated motor is also available for increased system efficiency and provides additional sound power reduction at part load conditions.

Greenheck pre-engineered rooftop units are specifically designed for dedicated outdoor air and high-percentage outdoor air applications making them ideal for schools, offices, and government buildings. The unit offers performance capacities up to 13,500 cfm, up to 45 tons of cooling and 800 Mbh heating.