“If there is one question that I get asked most often by manufacturers, it is about what will distinguish ISH North America from its predecessors,” said Inge Calderon, executive vice president of the ASA American Supply Association (Chicago). “I respond by saying that the ISH brand carries with it a whole set of conceptual ideas and approaches, which make the event unique.”

Featuring hvac; kitchen and bath products; plumbing; and pipes, valves and fittings; ISH North America addresses industry segments that don’t seem to have much common with regard to their respective customer base—at first sight. Yet, it has been shown that unanticipated business opportunities and relationships arise out of the combination. When attendees are offered a comprehensive and consolidated trade show, new business partners meet that might have never thought of addressing each other directly.

Messe Frankfurt has also co-located with another related show, LonWorld, an annual event focusing on technology and building automation. LonWorld attracts a highly qualified audience of architects, building automation engineers, residential and commercial real estate developers, and many more. Again, at first sight not the prime audience one would expect at a show covering these industries. However, upon further reflection, it may be very beneficial to expose these experts to products that are used in their projects. Also, attendees holding an ISH North America Expo pass will have free admittance to the co-located LonWorld Expo.

Show organizers have also implemented proven concepts of audience development. Teaming up with a major industry publisher as the “official publisher for ISH North America” has allowed the show to gain a great deal of exposure to audiences through magazines that are distributed to hundreds of thousands of addresses each month. In addition, show management is addressing specific audience segments with extensive direct mail and telemarketing campaigns.

The extensive seminar program offered in conjunction with ISH North America will further serve as a “magnet” for a wide range of attendees. “We believe that by providing a comprehensive program of educational seminars, training programs, and the opportunity to see new products at the trade show, we’ve created a real draw for industry trades,” said Ike Casey, the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors--National Association’s (Falls Church, VA) executive vice president.

A total of 55 seminars are being offered during the course of the show, featuring timely topics specific to each of the various industries. Recognized experts in their fields, plus some new ones will conduct them. Topics range from business management skills to trends in protecting against Legionnaire’s disease, along with panel discussions about industry issues.

Another key factor in differentiating ISH North America from other industry events will be the international angle. The list of exhibitors already represents 12 countries and is still growing each week. Attendees will be able to see some of the best and most innovative products from around the world - including many new faces. In fact, at this writing, 30% of the exhibitors at ISH North America 2002 have never exhibited in any of its predecessor events.

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