Fujitsu General America’s Airstage VU-V systems offer greater flexibility, efficiency and capacity for commercial and light commercial applications.

Airstage VU-V outdoor units can serve either as heat pump or heat recovery systems with simple setting changes and the addition of refrigerant branch units (RBU’s). The new VRF platform offers broader size ranges, with single modules from six to 16 tons, and up to 36 tons per combined system.  As many as 64 indoor units can be connected to a single system.

Operation in a wider range of outdoor ambient temperatures is provided, with heating capability at outdoor temperatures as low as -15°F.  Cooling is provided with outdoor temperatures as high as 126°F.  

A new service window provides access to the PCB switches and error indicator.  Compressor lifecycle is increased due to the Airstage VU-V controls’ ability to rotate the starting unit across the modules in a system.  Also, compressor control logic manipulates inverter speed to balance the mass airflow rate of refrigerant in each outdoor unit.  Greater indoor comfort is achieved through intelligent refrigerant control corresponding with the heat load of the room.

The scroll compressors used offer a wider range of turn down, and use Fujitsu’s unique sensor-less sine wave control method to control compressor input power, improving efficiency and lowering decibel levels.