PINE BROOK, N.J. — Fujitsu General America Inc. has released the new, single-phase J-IV and J-IVs Airstage VRF heat pump systems to replace the J-II and J-IIs lines. The systems serve heating and cooling applications between 3- and 5-ton capacities, making them ideal for the residential and light commercial markets.

The new air-to-air heat pumps feature expanded heating operation ranges, offering powerful heating capacity at an outdoor ambient temperature of minus 15°F. 

The J-IVs offers efficiency levels up to 19.7 SEER and is available in 3- and 4-ton capacities, while the J-IV offers up to 19.8 SEER and is available in 3-, 4-, and 5-ton capacities. J-IV models also allow up to 150% connection capacity of indoor units. 

Installers can connect up to nine indoor units to each 3-ton condensing unit, 12 indoor units per 4-ton condensing unit, and 15 indoor units to each 5-ton condensing unit. Choose from 11 indoor unit styles to create individually zoned comfort for any size space or decor. With more than 11 types of indoor units, ranging from 4,000-96,000 Btuh, the J-IV and J-IVs meets a broad range of design requirement and aesthetics.

Other enhancements include the ability to reduce electrical circuit breaker sizes, several improvements to base pan including base pan heaters, and the addition of durable metal fan guards, updated wiring, and fan motor to meet low ambient specifications.

Fujitsu’s Airstage VRF controls offer additional energy savings and comfort features, including scheduling, sleep timer, economy operation, and automatic season changeover. Several J-Series units can be connected to central control, building management systems (BMS) over BACnet, LonWorks, or Modbus. For more information, visit