Fujitsu General America Inc. has expanded its Airstage™ V-II VRF equipment line of VRF heat pumps with enhanced capabilities and operational efficiencies. The latest series now includes 6-, 8-, and 10-ton condensers, helping to reduce the number of condensers in certain configurations.

V-II 230V/3-phase, zoned VRF systems offer large capacity, operational efficiencies up to 24.30 IEER (to AHRI 1230 standard) and are an ideal heating/cooling solution for small and large buildings. Airstage systems avail a lineup from 6 to 24 tons with a connectable indoor unit capacity ratio up to 150%, while also allowing up to 45 indoor units per bank of three condensing units.

The company claims high efficiency is achieved by using a single DC inverter-controlled, twin rotary compressor per condenser.  The system also boasts a total pipe length of nearly 3,300 ft. Heating operating range spans ambient temperatures from 70°F to as low as -4°F, while some single systems provide cooling when ambient temperatures fall to as low as 5°F.  

Indoor units come in a variety of styles: wall mount, cassette, compact duct, floor/ceiling mounted, and high static pressure duct. Up to three condensing units may be linked with twining kits. Applications include churches, medical facilities, office buildings, and schools.

New equipment is compatible with all current indoor units (including RLAV models), remotes (2- and 3-wire models), central controllers, and BMS gateways.   

--Fujitsu General America