Owner Team: The arena center building committee, building manager, facility manager, owner’s representative (consultant), a third-party commissioning consultant (CxC), and a security representative (consultant)

Project Delivery Team: Design-build (D-B) project manager, mechanical-general construction coordinator, an HVAC D-B engineer, and a representative from the boiler manufacturer

HVAC Project Team: The HVAC project manager; automatic temperature control (ATC) and security technician(s); an operation and maintenance (O&M) startup technician; a third-party testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB) contractor; and a piping foreman

Application 2019 ASHRAE Handbook: Places of Assembly, Chapter 5, and HVAC Security, Chapter 61

HVAC Systems and Equipment 2020 ASHRAE Handbook: Boilers, Chapter 32

Project Type: New construction

References: Refer to the codes and standards located at the back of each ASHRAE Handbook for additional reference as well as 2019 ASHRAE Handbook, HVAC Applications and 2020 ASHRAE Handbook, HVAC Systems and Equipment

Other References: ASHRAE Indoor-Air Quality Guide: Best Practice for Design, Construction, and Commissioning; ASHRAE Standard 55 (Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy); ASHRAE Standard 62.1 ( IAQ); and the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA)


  • The HVAC system selection and design intent is based on the process outlined in ASHRAE Handbook 2020, Chapter 1, HVAC System Analysis and Selection, and includes the following:
    • The owner’s building program (and any additional) goals
    • System and constructability constraints
    • The final system selection is based on methods to furnish and install heat systems to serve a new 150,000-seat arena in an existing office park
    • Specialized systems: A new diesel generator will provide emergency electrical power to serve the arena and its smoke evacuation systems
    • Central air systems, exhaust systems, and direct expansion cooling with each central air system
    • Automatic controls shall include a new direct digital building automation system (BAS) computer, boiler-furnished automatic controls, a BACnet interface, a security system, the internet, and new computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) system interface
  • Program and Project Goals:
    • Functional goals: (Refer to Chapter 1, 2020 Handbook)
    • Budget goals: first cost and operating cost
    • Timeline goal(s): Pre-purchased equipment dates to ensure the boilers and new forced hot water system will be in operation by the upcoming heating season
    • Management goals: Three-year extended warranty service contract for the boiler and direct expansion cooling equipment and an outsourced O&M service contractor
  • Available utilities: Natural gas and 480/3/60 existing electrical power in the office park
  • New ventilation and IAQ system: This will include central air system(s) supply air and/or return air cfm, general exhaust, smoke exhaust, and toilet exhaust
  • New heating system: Hot water distribution to finned-tube radiation, unit heaters, and central air-handling unit heating coils
  • New BAS: HVAC, security, and IAQ monitoring interface with the CMMS system
  • Test, adjust, and balance (TAB) air and water systems


  • The HVAC design criteria shall be in sync with the project delivery method and owner’s project requirements
  • The design criteria shall be based on an analytical analysis of the arena’s budgeted building activities calendar and anticipated occupancy, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) platinum status (80 points), HVAC conditions, associated operation, and proactive maintenance management
  • The D-B team will refer to ASHRAE Handbooks for energy-efficient HVAC control design and ASHRAE Indoor-Air Quality Guide: Best Practice for Design, Construction, and Commissioning
  • From the above criteria, the D-B team will complete all training using policy and procedure and O&M manuals along with a LEED, one-year warranty meeting with arena staff
  • Furnish, install, monitor, and measure indoor temperature and humidity levels, IAQ particle counts (one per space over 2,000 square feet), and outdoor air temperature
  • The D-B ATC technician and boiler manufacturer will install safeties and alarms associated with new IAQ and security monitoring and reporting system working with the arena's O&M staff, security staff, and third-party CxC
  • The D-B project manager and boiler manufacturer shall have the technicians trained to accommodate the P&P manuals that effect the building management and HVAC systems
  • The D-B team shall produce complete record documents, warranties, and training
  • The D-B HVAC design engineer shall provide system flow diagrams with the OPR, DID, and BOD documents along with ATC sequences of operation

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