WESTFIELD, Mass. — SpacePak introduced the latest addition to its inverter series line of Solstice air-to-water heat pumps, the Solstice Inverter Extreme. The Solstice Inverter Extreme

(ILAHP) is an inverter-driven cold climate air-to-water heat pump that provides hydronic heating, cooling, and domestic hot water without the use of fossil fuels. Features, including an inverter-driven compressor, inverter-driven fans, and fan motors, and enhanced vapor injection technology allow for high-performance heating operation in outdoor temperatures as low as minus 22°F (minus 30°C) while delivering reliable water temperatures as high as 130°F (54°C). The unit comes equipped with an advanced flexible control platform that offers intelligent operation and precise load matching for optimized efficiencies and outputs in all climates and conditions. The launch of this new model establishes SpacePak as having the broadest and most complete offering of air-towater heat pump solutions on the market. For more information, visit www.spacepak.com.