WESTFIELD, Mass. — In today’s world of ever-changing efficiency standards and certifications it is imperative for manufacturers to stay ahead of the curve by offering modern equipment that fits the needs of not only our customers but also local, national, and even global environmentally friendly initiatives. Today’s emphasis on green, environmentally friendly technologies to reduce the overall carbon footprint requires thinking outside the box when it comes to heating and cooling applications.

The Mestek Boiler Group is very excited to introduce its first inverter driven air-to-water heat pump, which will be sold under the RBI and Advanced Thermal Hydronic Brands. Appropriate for light commercial and commercial applications, the air-to-water heat pump encompasses all of today’s hydronic equipment innovations. Heat pumps absorb low-temperature heat from outside air and deliver higher temperature heat to an emitter inside the occupied space using water as the heat transfer medium. When cooling heat pumps reverse the cycle and deliver chilled water through the same emitter.

Features and benefits include heating capacities to 288 MBH; cooling capacities to 203 MBH; inverter compressors; low ambient performance (minus 20°F); enhanced vapor injection (EVI) technology; hot water to 140°F; user-friendly, touch-screen controls; no refrigerant handling; easily piped and zoned; high-performance DC motors; C-Fin heat exchangers; and built-in redundancy. For more information, visit www.mestek.com.