ITHACA, N.Y. — EMPEQ (Empower Equity), a software development and financial technology company transforming the commercial HVAC, energy engineering, and building equipment industries, is proud to announce the launch of the 1-Click Capture™ feature in the Fast Site Survey™ app, a first-of-its-kind artificial intelligence (AI) technology. With a single click of a smartphone camera, 1-Click Capture automatically captures equipment information and digitizes data into virtually any cloud-based modeling software. 1-Click Capture upgrades EMPEQ’s software using a revolutionary Intelligent Equipment Identification technology, further increasing efficiency and accuracy in equipment energy audits. EMPEQ is the first company in the commercial and industrial auditing industry to engineer and offer this technology.

“In the same way that the pneumatic nailer revolutionized the construction industry, 1-Click Capture stands to change the entire building and equipment audit market for the better,” said Herbert Dwyer, CEO, EMPEQ. “What used to take minutes or hours, now takes seconds. We introduced the Fast Site Survey app to make energy engineers, HVAC, and equipment auditor professionals’ jobs easier, faster, and more accurate. Now, we’re taking equipment audit accuracy and efficiency to a whole new level—with the single snap of a smartphone camera.”

Through EMPEQ’s Fast Site Survey app, EMPEQ customers have seen a 60%-80% reduction in time required to perform routine building audits and equipment inventories. Previously, app users had to take individual pictures for each data field, requiring multiple photos to catalog just one piece of equipment. 1-Click Capture requires only one step: taking a photo that captures data to be exported into an editable PDF, spreadsheet, or reporting software.

1-Click Capture saves time and provides greater flexibility and accuracy for Fast Site Survey users. The 1-Click Capture integration means an even more streamlined experience, including:

  • Equipment and energy auditors can snap a single picture on a smartphone of any piece of equipment; 
  • The app will detect and auto-enter equipment data, turning it into manipulatable text within a centralized database; and 
  • The data is automatically organized and exported to the software of the user’s choice, creating accurate reporting in seconds rather than hours.


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