WAUKEHSA, Wis. — Generac Industrial Power’s SDC015 is a liquid-cooled direct current (DC) unit featuring one of the smallest footprints on the market. At 57 volts, this unit can pull 15 kW of power. The SDC015 features a quiet 1.5L diesel engine that produces only 65 dBs of sound.

The SDC015 is designed to back up multiple global applications, including wireless communication and telecom applications, hybrid energy systems, and DC power solutions. The unit is U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Final Tier 4-certified and integrates well within a solar and/or wind solution. The SDC015 operates as a constant supply of power or a battery charger. The unit also has 125% spill containment for fluids such as oil and coolant. The SDC015 is UL2200 listed and features the DSE 7310 MKII control system. For more information, visit www.generac.com.