Generac Industrial Power developed its own control platform — the new Power Zone® — specifically for its industrial generator sets. According to company officials, the platform interface is designed to emulate a smartphone.

The Power Zone’s 7-in color touchscreen display provides run time status at-a-glance, providing critical generator and engine parameters. When viewing the home screen, a large green indicator lets customers know the unit is ready or operating normally. When something does occur, users see the indicator change to a large yellow exclamation mark and one of the value bars will change to yellow. Clicking on the alarm icon provides more in-depth information about what’s going on and why.

The gen-set control platform has built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LAN, and Webserver, providing monitoring and control with easy any mobile device or PC. Regardless of which type of mobile device is connected, the graphical display is the same as that on the Power Zone controller itself.

The Power Zone controller also controls paralleling functions when the generator is used in a Modular Power System (MPS) configuration. Communication between generators is performed with an industry-first redundant Ethernet. Other features include paralleling control (synchronizing), reverse power, loss of synchronization between gen-sets and load, and VAR sharing. A permissive and load-shed assembly is available for MPS applications to sequence multiple transfer switches.

The new control platform includes “pre-event” history functionality, in which it archives critical engine and alternator data before a fault occurs. The company claims this makes root cause analysis easier. Power Zone collects historical data, such generator date/run-time, operating hours, and kWh produced.

-- Generac Industrial Power

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