KOHLER, Wis. — Kohler Co. is pleased to release the top end of the much-anticipated KD Series diesel-powered generator sets that represent its most powerful generators on the market today at 3,500 kW and 4,000 kW (60 Hz) / 4,000 kVA and 4,500 kVA (50 Hz), respectively, and all powered by the Kohler KD103V20 diesel engine.

In late 2016, Kohler unveiled an entirely new range of large diesel industrial generators up to 2,500 kW (60 Hz) / 2,800 kVA (50 Hz) powered by a newly designed platform of Kohler diesel engines represented by the K135 and K175 engine families. The range was subsequently extended to 3,250 kW (60 Hz) / 3,500 kVA (50 Hz) in 2018.

Today, based on a strong worldwide market response and an increasing demand on power in mission critical applications, such as data centers, hospitals, and water treatment facilities, Kohler expands the top end of the KD Series with the rollout of these new 3,500 kW and 4,000 kW models.

Building on the proven excellence of the KD Series product line, the new generators are designed to deliver extreme durability and ultimate reliability in a variety of emergency and prime applications. This release expands the limits of standby generators and sets Kohler apart with its breadth of product in this range.

“We are pleased to reach the culmination of the KD generator series that was designed from the ground-up, including the Kohler diesel engine platform,” said Brad Meissner, product manager at Kohler. “With a 4-megawatt generator, Kohler can now offer customers the largest and most power-dense standby generator in the marketplace.”

Developed by the company’s global team of engineers, the new KD Series 3,500- and 4,000-kW gensets incorporate a powerful and sophisticated K175 diesel engine — the KD 103 liter, 20-cylinder model. From a design perspective, Kohler kept many of the engine components the same as the KD Series predecessors, including the control system, fuel system, and cooling system, to name a few.

The modular design of the KD103V20-powered generator sets is a bit larger than its V16 and V12 counterparts and delivers unprecedented power density and unrivaled performance.

Matched turbochargers are engineered for maximum power and response. High ambient cooling systems ensure performance is maintained in the most extreme environments. The engine features a high-pressure common rail, precise fuel injection system that delivers pressures up to 32,000 psi. Fuel mapping options for optimized fuel consumption for use in non-emissions regulated regions, emissions optimized for use in U.S. and Canada, or low-NOx optimized for use in mission critical segments like data centers enable the generators to be deployed globally without worry. Users of the KD Series generators will find cost savings because the offering delivers top-of-line fuel consumption regardless of the calibration. To reduce noise and vibration, the engines have a closed-loop regeneration crankcase ventilation system and rigid block, crankcase, and sub-frame.

The generators are equipped with either the APM802 or APM603 controller that ties the entire system together for a seamless customer experience. The newer APM603 control unit provides enhanced performance and monitoring features such as (+/-.25%) voltage regulation, expanded inputs and outputs, a large 7-inch color touchscreen, and the ability to parallel as many as eight generator sets.

When paired with Kohler’s global sales and support network, the KD Series line-up provides leading performance for mission critical and industrial applications. Data centers, health care facilities, water utilities, and critical facilities, such as airports, can rest assured with a KD Series generator set backed by Kohler’s worldwide support network. And when service is needed, Kohler has a global dealer and distribution infrastructure consisting of more than 800 facilities offering 24/7 parts availability. For additional details about the Kohler KD Series, visit www.kohlerpower.com.