VIENNA, Va. — Jim Kolbus, product manager, Clark-Reliance, joins ABMA for Episode No. 14 of the organization’s “Inside the Boiler Room.” This is Kolbus’s second time on the podcast. He was also featured in Episode No. 3 focusing on boiler installation.

In this episode, Kolbus brings his expertise to the topic of boiler drum level instrumentation. He regularly presents on this topic and is the lead author of their guidebook on Drum Level Instrumentation Guideline that is updated regularly based on changes in the ASME code.

This episode discusses the importance of drum level instrumentation and the various types of direct reading glass gages and indirect remote level indicators.

In addition, we delve into the importance of proper installation and outside influences that can effect operations including proper piping and value selection concluding with a discussion of ASME codes as it relates to drum level instrumentation along with common code violations Clark-Reliance sees in the field and the corrective measures to address them.

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