Over the past few years, ABMA has positioned Today’s Boiler as a premier source for boiler industry trends and technology advances focusing on the purchase, installation, and maintenance of a wide range of boiler applications and boiler products.

In addition, Today’s Boiler also shares tools and information to ensure safe operation of our members’ products in each issue. In this issue, we tackle combustion rumbling noises and offer six effective measures that can reduce or eliminate the objectionable noise and vibrations. Other topics include addressing CO in the boiler room, avoiding combustion explosions, correcting hard water issues, and many more.

As I discussed in past issues, ABMA launched our podcast, Inside the Boiler Room, in 2018, which continues to address a variety of topics impacting those working with boilers; introduced our new online Buyers Guide and Newsfeed (Boiler Weekly) at ABMA.inloop.com; and recently released two new publications, the Boiler Installation Guide and Boiler Types for Steam Applications, which can be downloaded from the home page at ABMA.com.

ABMA continues its tradition of supporting the boiler industry at POWERGEN International 2019 in November and the 2020 AHR Expo in February. We look forward to seeing many of you at these shows.

Attendees are encouraged to stop by the ABMA booth and pick up our Passport to the Boiler Industry. The Passport booklet is a consolidated guide to the leaders of the boiler industry exhibiting at these shows. Attendees that collect stamps from all ABMA exhibiting members can return the booklet to ABMA’s booth for a chance to win a $250 American Express gift card.

But wait, there’s more.

Over the next few years, we are going to be introducing new opportunities for ABMA members and the boiler end-user community. For the first time, ABMA will be facilitating direct interaction between end users and the leading boiler industry manufacturers, in addition to opportunities to obtain education on everything from the installation, maintenance, and operation of boiler systems along with learning about current and emerging technologies in all facets of the boiler room.

As we begin down this road, we want to hear from end users of our members’ products about topics pertinent to their needs and how ABMA can be most effective in terms of engagement. Please share any comments by sending us an email at info@abma.com.

More details on the new initiatives will be announced in early 2020, including opportunities to engage. Stay tuned.

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