ST. LOUIS — KAI Enterprises has promoted Dan Forguson to Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Forguson has been with KAI since June 2018, when he was hired as vice president of finance.

As CFO, Forguson will work closely with the leadership team, as he leads, manages, and is accountable for the activities of KAI’s finance team, which includes major functions of accounting, budgeting, cash flow analysis, project controls, and financial planning. He is also responsible for work progress, policy management, and the oversight of KAI’s enterprise resource planning software.

“We have assembled a high caliber team of thinkers and change makers in our finance department,” Forguson said. “Now we are going to focus on leveraging technology and business intelligence to allow them to do just that. We are constantly benchmarking and allowing industry consultants from firms such as PSMJ, FMI, and CFMA to look under the hood, and we are taking action on their recommendations. I am a firm believer that consistent adherence to well-defined processes and procedures produces consistent results, so we will be utilizing our team’s experience to strategically align our protocols and drive performance.”

Forguson has 11 years of experience in the AEC industry. Prior to KAI, he was the regional project controls director at Jacobs in St. Louis. Forguson has a bachelor’s degree in finance from Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville and an MBA from Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri. He is currently working on a master’s degree in accountancy from DePaul University – Chicago. He is also a member of the American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE).

“As KAI’s CFO, Dan is charged with looking forward—to the next quarter, year, three years and 10 years—to predict trends and to help guide KAI’s financial stability,” said Michael Hein, AIA, PMP, COO/Chief Integration Officer, KAI Enterprises. For more information, visit