BURR RIDGE, Ill. — Hydronic comfort heating solutions manufacturer Weil-McLain® has added four larger sizes to its advanced, energy efficient Stainless Vertical Firetube (SVF) boiler portfolio to accommodate large commercial applications. The new SVF boiler line has expanded to now include Btu sizes of 1500, 2000, 2500, and 3000 MBH that join the existing 750-, 1,000-, and 1,100-Btu configurations.

The 1,500 to 3,000 MBH Stainless Vertical Firetube (SVF) boiler line features industry-leading thermal efficiency up to 96.8%, unrivaled ease of installation and maintenance, the intuitive and user-friendly Unity™ control system, and Weil-McLain boiler design reliability and longevity.

“With the addition of these four new sizes, we now have a complete line of SVF products ideal for both small and large commercial projects, such as schools, colleges  and other educational facilities, municipal buildings, multifamily, health care, churches, and more,” said John Miller, senior product manager, Weil-McLain. “This design meets all market-driven bid specifications for new construction projects and also is ideal for hybrid applications and replacement boiler needs.”

The SVF line features a stainless-steel vertical fire tube and shell heat exchanger for best-in-class corrosion resistance, a new and bold exterior look, simple, user-friendly controls to make installation and operation easy, and a long-term corrosion resistance solution in the form of a serviceable and replaceable condensate tray. With exceptional thermal efficiency performance, the SVF line offers annual operation cost savings and qualification for local utility rebates (where available).

“The SVF boiler line was developed with the contractor in mind and utilized feedback from our installer network to help shape design and functionality,” said John Miller, senior product manager with Weil-McLain. “The result is fire tube performance, perfected. The new SVF showcases the quality, durability, serviceability, and innovation that our customers have come to expect from Weil-McLain and demonstrates our commitment to industry-leading hydronic heating performance.”

Time-saving installation features include an integrated shipping ramp, heavy-duty roller casters for improved maneuverability in confined spaces, industrial-grade leveling legs mitigating the need for a concrete pad, integrated burner in cover plate for minimized 18-inch overhead space requirement, adjustable control panel height adjustment, and the advanced unity control setup wizard. The unit also is zero clearance, side-by-side installation capable to help make the most out of confined boiler room floor space.

“The Unity Controller is designed to reduce installation and setup time for contractors, simplify boiler system design for specifying engineers, and improve control interface commonality and communication across the entire Weil-McLain high efficiency boiler line,” said Miller.

For ease of service, the SVF features a counterbalanced/hinged cover plate with hatch for quick access to the burner and fire tubes for simple heat exchanger wash-down and no need for additional disassembly. Easy access from the front/back of the boiler requires no side access for regular service intervals and the boiler also features a serviceable and replaceable condensate tray.


Other key features include:

  • 70- to 3,000-MBH compatibility throughout the Weil-McLain Evergreen, SlimFit, and SVF lines;
  • 160 psi working pressure;
  • Natural gas or propane fuel options;
  • Modbus communication with BACet/Lonworks compatibility;
  • Ultra-low emissions with SCAMD certification Commercial Energy Star certification;
  • Up to 10:1 turn down ratio; and
  • Full line of venting options.


The SVF also is ideal for hybrid applications calling for a cast-iron boiler complement and joins the Weil-McLain family of boilers that includes the industry’s widest selection of high-efficiency gas and oil-fired boilers for residential, commercial, and institutional needs.

The SVF expanded line became available in August with all models shipping from the Weil-McLain facility in Eden, North Carolina. For more information, visit www.weil-mclain/svf.