Weil-McLain introduced its full line of advanced, high-efficiency gas boilers for residential and commercial applications. The line now includes the Evergreen®, Ultra™ Series 4, GV90+® cast iron boiler and the AquaBalance® Series 2 — all operating with natural or propane gas and featuring the latest hydronic heating technology.

The Evergreen stainless steel condensing boiler features an AFUE rating of 95 percent and is designated as “Most Efficient” by ENERGY STAR®. The unit features a guided setup wizard, a graphical user interface, and 10 heating system presets for quick setup.

The recently expanded Evergreen line is now available in six sizes, ranging from 70 to 399 MBH input, accommodating both small and large residential projects, as well as light commercial applications. The units are adaptable for most heating demands, ensuring heating comfort through multiple zones. For the residential and light commercial customer who requires a multiple boiler setup, the Evergreen line can cascade two to eight boilers together, and ZoneStacking® up to 24 programmable zones with no external panel required. 

The new Ultra Series 4 boilers feature a heat exchanger with nanotechnology coating that works like Ultra Armor, protecting the unit from buildup in the heat exchanger while maintaining high efficiency. The nanotechnology coating repels exhaust residue formation on the heat exchanger surface while preventing acidic condensation penetration, ensuring the unit requires no cleaning for a full five years after installation.

Available in six sizes, the Ultra Series 4 is ideal for light commercial applications, allowing contractors to pair boilers in sequence to heat larger buildings and control multiple boilers from a single control panel. 
Weil-McLain says the GV90+ high efficiency cast iron boiler line is designed for homeowners seeking the right balance between ideal heating comfort, low utility bills, reliability and product longevity. The GV90+ offers an AFUE rating of 91 percent, exceeding ENERGY STAR® program requirements, and available in four sizes.

The GV90+ is designed with a high performance durable cast iron primary heat exchanger. A corrosion resistant stainless steel condensing secondary heat exchanger recoups heat energy from exhaust normally wasted, to further increase system efficiency. This unit adapts to satisfy various comfort heating demands, from multiple in-home zones to driveway snow melting and even pool heating. The line allows integration of outdoor reset to take advantage of low water temperatures and improve overall system energy cost savings.

The new AquaBalance Series 2 units feature an energy efficiency of 95 percent and combines the high-efficiency space heating with on-demand domestic hot water. AquaBalance boilers are ideal for retrofits or new construction in single-family homes, apartments, or condominiums. The series is available in three sizes (80, 120, and 155 MBH input) and include combi-boilers or heat-only versions.

--Weil McLain