Carrier announced the commercial availability of its AquaEdge® 19DV in North America. The centrifugal chiller features Greenspeed® intelligence and a low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant R1233zd(E), which has a GWP of  ~1.  Carrier officials said the AquaEdge 19DV has an efficiency that is more than 40% higher than ASHRAE® 2016 guidelines, has low sound, and is capable of series counterflow configurations.

The chiller also features EquiDrive™ two-stage back-to-back compressor load cancellation technology as well as MaxFlex capability for operation in demanding conditions such as variable flow, heat recovery, free cooling, series plants, dual temperature systems, and more. SmartView™ intelligent controls are included for tracking and analyzing data to identify potential risks or areas for upgrading. 


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