Nortek Global HVAC introduced the Reznor® ZQYRA Series. The company says the series is a low cost, high-efficiency dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) for adding outdoor air requirements in educational, healthcare, office, retail, and other light commercial spaces.

The patented ZQYRA–8 (500 to 1,100 cfm) and ZQYRA–12 (900 to 1,500 cfm) units include modulating heat pumps and enthalpy wheel technology. They feature a small footprint and are ideal for adding outdoor air ventilation in smaller spaces for new and retrofit VRF or conventional DX air conditioning projects. 

The ZQYRA Series incorporates several functions and components in its design:

  • Supplemental electric heat control uses an SCR time-proportioned modulation controller (0% to 100% control) for optimizing efficiency and pinpoint temperature control.
  • Extended heat pump operational time during extremely low-ambient temperatures to eliminate coil freezing and subsequent energy-intensive defrost modes. 
  • Z-Series Selection software calculates unit performance expectations as per inputted cfms and the facility’s geographical temperature/humidity ranges.
  • A refrigerant charge compensator that allows minimized and optimized refrigerant usage for both heating and cooling modes.