Nortek Global HVAC has launched a new 3-phase large packaged gas/electric system in 2 to 5 tons for light commercial use. Model R8GE delivers energy-efficient 14 SEER cooling in advance of new federal efficiency standards that will take effect on January 1, 2017. In addition to a higher efficiency level, the company says the model R8GE 3-phase includes several benefits including an all-aluminum Micro-Channel evaporator and condenser coil and a five-speed ECM blower motor to deal with challenging airflow applications. Also, the company claims that less refrigerant is needed for comparable performance. High-pressure switch and factory-installed refrigerant filter drier have been added for compressor protection.

The new gas/electric packaged system is offered in a wide range of capacity and voltage variations making it ideal for retrofits and new project jobs. Model R8GE 3-phase is available in the Mammoth® and Reznor® brands of commercial HVAC equipment.