ST. LOUIS — Nortek Global HVAC (NGH) has redesigned its entire Reznor® brand of commercial/industrial/residential gas-fired unit heaters for the North American market. Updates include aesthetics, integrated air direction accessories, and technological advancements that help contractors with installation, diagnostics, and service to provide end users with optimum building protection, comfort, and reliability.

The redesign applies to Reznor’s UEZ, UDZ, UBZ, UDX, and UBX Series, which encompass unit heater models up to 400-MBH and up to 93% thermal efficiency.

Diagnostics and repair are expedited with Reznor’s newly developed and technologically advanced control module. It displays 11 operational modes and error codes in an easily identifiable digital readout that corresponds with a nearby code chart. A new hinged access door prevents door drops and allows servicing while open. End users will also appreciate an external green LED light display on every unit’s bottom panel that confirms proper operation and flashes when maintenance is recommended.

The redesign’s aesthetic update includes two-tone white and black cabinetry featuring powder coat paint application technology that eliminates sharp edges and reduces corrosion, fading, chipping, and scratching. Premium models also include red accented louvers and the Reznor logo embossed on the bottom panels. Reznor’s renowned mitered front face design is now aesthetically complemented with streamlined, steel panels void of any visible screws or fasteners. Tooled, rounded vertical corners and edges are featured on units ranging from 30-125 MBH.

Air direction versatility has also been increased with optional downturn nozzle and vertical louver accessories. Instead of bolted unattractively to the unit’s front, both are integrally hidden between the removable front face and the unit. Each vane on both the nozzle and the louver options, as well as the front face’s standard built-in horizontal louver, can be independently adjusted for pinpoint air direction.

Reznor also continues to use its unique single burner combustion design, which makes the unit heaters easy to interchange between propane and natural gas versus labor-intensive gas conversions on multiple burner designs.

Other features include:

  • External terminal strip for easy access with 24-V wiring connections;
  • Technical literature QR Code;
  • 2- and 4-pt suspension receptacles (standard on all sizes); and
  • Easy access external gas connection.


The redesign is one of the most ambitious updates for the 133-year-old Reznor since it introduced unit heaters in 1920.

“We’re a unit heater leader, so this innovative redesign will push the entire market forward,” said Brandon Bossung, associate product manager, NGH.

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