E Flow Technologies presents SMARTPACK™ flexible fan packs. A range of customizable axial fan packs, SMARTPACK is engineered to meet stringent low-noise and efficiency requirements in industrial and commercial ventilation, refrigeration. and heat exchange applications.

SMARTPACK’s construction includes a strong metal frame with a plastic skin, custom-configured Multi-Wing fan, an AC or EC motor and protective fan guard. Durably built, E Flow’s SMARTPACK provides neutral and clean aerodynamic conditions — amplifying the benefits of the extensive Multi-Wing axial fan range of products.

SMARTPACK is offered in 22.05-in, 24.80-in, 27.95-in, 31.50-in, and 35.43-in diameters. The company says the AC SMARTPACK meets strict industrial requirements and is available worldwide. Officials also claim the The EC version achieves and maintains the highest possible efficiency levels within a wide operating range, including temperatures of -40ºF to 176ºF.

--E Flow Technologies