SCHOFIELD, Wis. — Greenheck’s QEI mixed flow fans are now available with aluminum and spark resistance Type A material construction options. The expanded construction material offering combined with the QEI’s high-efficiency mixed flow wheel makes it a great solution for challenging exhaust air applications. The aluminum material option, including an aluminum mixed flow impeller wheel, inlet cone, housing, and straightening vanes, is ideal for high-humidity environments and corrosive environments, where aluminum is a better option than coated steel. The aluminum construction also reduces the fan’s overall weight for easier handling as well as structural concerns within a facility. Spark resistance Type A construction adds shaft seals, nonferrous shaft covers, and welded tubular housing to ensure there are no spark-causing materials in the airstream, making it suitable for flammable applications, such as dust, gases, or vapors. Belt-drive model QEI, direct drive model QEID, and the QEID-FJ FumeJet® are Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) licensed for sound and air performance and Fan Energy Index (FEI). For more information, visit