MIDDLEFIELD, Ohio — E Flow Technologies announces the expansion of its SMARTPACK™ product line to include a 480- to 600-V 3-phase AC voltage 50/60Hz product. The new SP900EC fan pack is ideal for HVACR applications in Canada where 575V are required, eliminating the need for a power converter. SMARTPACK model SP900EC 7.5 kW can deliver up to 20 percent more airflow than other state-of-the-art fan packs. The motors and drives are UL-compliant.

“The new SP900EC SMARTPACK enables increased cooling capacity with the same cooler footprint, or a footprint reduction with the same cooling capacity,” said Martin Ochs, sales director, E Flow Technologies. “It’s a more efficient solution with fewer components that potentially reduces costs. SMARTPACK allows entirely new options in customers’ general product design.” 

Modular, SMARTPACK is engineered to meet stringent low-noise and high-efficiency requirements in industrial and commercial HVACR and heat exchange applications. SMARTPACK’s construction includes a custom-configured Multi-Wing fan, AC, or EC motor, fan guard and shroud made from a strong metal frame with a composite inlet. E Flow fan packs have a design to meet the toughest environmental conditions, including airflow temperatures from minus 40° to 176°F (minus 40° to 80°C). This is possible with SMARTPACK’s IP55/IP66 internal rotor motor and its drive, which are outside the airflow. SMARTPACK is offered in 35.43- and 49.21-inch (900 and 1250 mm) diameters. High-efficiency and fully controllable, EC SMARTPACK systems have a robust motor design with built-in EC technology.

SMARTPACK can be used efficiently in applications requiring higher static pressure. At medium-/high-pressure duty points SMARTPACK is capable of up to 10dB(A) noise reduction compared to other state-of-the-art fan packs. E Flow fan packs set a new standard for medium-pressure fans with the lowest possible operating noise and highest performance. The modular design makes replacement of a component easier rather than replacing the entire fan pack.

For more information, visit www.eflowtec.com.