Regal Beloit Corp. will debut its Opt2MAX motor platform at the AHR Expo in Chicago later this month. Motivated by feedback from customers looking to upgrade the performance of their air handling systems, Regal engineers designed a solution to conserve power consumption in both full and part load air flow conditions. Their goal was to utilize the existing induction motor size for easy replacement while optimizing motor efficiency to meet 2018 integrated energy efficiency ratio (IEER) requirements for commercial unitary systems.

The result is the Opt2MAX motor. The company claims the 56/140 frame motor comes pre-programmed with an integrated drive and provides seamless transition from high to low speed. Available in 1–10 hp, it is designed for direct drive and belt drive applications. The motor is intended for use in rooftop units, air handlers, exhausters, condenser and chiller fans, and other variable torque load applications.

--Regal Beloit Corp.