Regal Beloit Corp. introduced its Electrand™ wand, a rechargeable, wireless device designed to work with compatible Genteq® motors. This wand was conceived to enable customers the ability to communicate with compatible motors via near field communication (NFC) for programming or extracting motor data for verification and/or diagnostic purposes. This data can be uploaded by means of Bluetooth or USB to personal computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

The company claims the Electrand wand is designed for programming at a push of a button, and it has a programming cycle time up to 10 times faster than traditional programming cables. The wand has a flexible arm design that allows access to the NFC antenna in the motor which is installed inside the appliance. It gathers diagnostic data without removing the motor from the factory line in order to program without physically connecting to the motor or supplying power to it.

Currently, the Electrand wand is compatible with the Ensite® motor, an Internet of Things (IOT) ready motor designed for furnace applications to help customers meet Fan Energy Rating (FER) regulation requirements. This wand will be compatible with other products in the near future.   

-- Regal Beloit Corporation