Cleaver-Brooks has launched its configured watertube boilers known as CBCW. Designed to make the purchase of industrial watertube boilers easier, the company says its CBCW line enables customers to get a quote quickly and to receive technical documentation without the additional time required to develop that documentation on a custom order.
In order to streamline the process of purchasing a watertube boiler, Cleaver-Brooks offers 17 D-type CBCW boilers with capacities ranging from 10,000 to 225,000 MBtuh per. These boilers are available in natural gas only, oil only, or natural gas and oil models with turndown based on the fuel used.

Cleaver-Brooks D-Type boilers feature furnace construction that utilizes a welded-membrane wall design and have a large, gas-tight furnace area. Boiler wall construction is 100% water cooled and refractory free. These boilers can accommodate selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and CO catalyst with a special-option quote.
The CBCW configured watertube boilers are suitable for institutional, health care, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, ethanol and bio-diesel, pulp and paper, and miscellaneous manufacturing, and heavy industry applications. Although the CBCW boilers are a standardized offering, customers still can have some level of customization for their specific use, but it may add to production time, said company officials.