Cleaver-Brooks has developed the CBEX DES (dryback elite special) 1,000 hp boiler. Engineered to fit inside a 40-ft shipping container, its compact size enables a complete boiler room to fit within a 53-ft container. According to Cleaver-Brooks officials, this allows the company to include performance guarantees for output capacity, efficiency, turndown, emissions of 30 ppm NOx, and a pressure vessel warranty.

The CBEX DES features the Cleaver-Brooks proprietary integral-head burner and its two-pass EX design with extended-surface tubes. The CBEX DES operates on natural gas or No. 2 oil. Containerized boilers often are used as an emergency steam back-up when a facility’s steam supply fails. They also are utilized when a boiler plant is being relocated or for a field process that requires mobility.

--Cleaver Brooks