Seresco USA Inc. introduced the NE-Series–Outdoor, a new generation of four to eight-ton packaged dehumidifiers. According to the company, the NE Series–Outdoor is 20% lighter and its 64-in by 60-in footprint is 55% smaller than earlier NE Series generations. The Seresco NE Series–Outdoor features fully-dipped coils with anti-corrosion coating; tightly sealed doors with heavy-duty gaskets to protect against cold, heat, rain, and snow infiltration; 2-in double wall insulated cabinets; service vestibule with easy accessibility and component protection from the airstream; and a fully-coated inner liner.

The NE Series–Outdoor also includes operational features such as electronically commutated fan motors, refrigerant pressure transducers, and a fully-modulating reheat control. Also standard on all models is Seresco's proprietary WebSentry®, a web browser-based interface technology that reports more than 60 operating parameters to authorized users' remote PCs or smart phones from the dehumidifier's on-board CommandCenter™ microprocessor-based monitor/controller.

--Seresco USA Inc.