Seresco-120312-body.jpgThe company’s WebSentry® Mobile allows facility managers and HVAC service contractors global access to its’ indoor pool dehumidifiers.

Seresco USA Inc. has introduced WebSentry® Mobile, the HVAC industry's first "smart phone" web app allowing facility managers and service contractors remote monitoring and programming functions for Seresco commercial indoor pool dehumidifiers.

The WebSentry Mobile web app connects seamlessly to the WebSentry system, the world's only web browser-based software/hardware application that's onboard all Seresco commercial dehumidifiers and allows 24/7 real-time data transmission and extranet access. WebSentry Mobile enables fully-secure WebSentry monitor/control global access from all smart phone brands.

The Cat 5-Ethernet-connected WebSentry module comes standard with every Seresco commercial dehumidifier. WebSentry sends more than 100 operating parameters every minute from any dehumidifier's onboard CommandCenter™  microprocessor  controller to Seresco's factory-based server center for daily remote viewing, tracking and adjusting by factory technicians. The server center also records and stores the data for performance trending. In the event of a dehumidifier performance or operational problem, the WebSentry system automatically sends an alarm to factory technicians for correction. If a parameter change is needed, a quasi virtual private network (VPN) connection can be established for online fine tuning by either authorized factory technicians, the facility manager or the local HVAC service contractor.

The WebSentry system also saves natatorium owners operational costs and downtime because online data reviews by factory technicians support local HVAC service contractors with troubleshooting assistance for quick diagnoses and solutions.  Also, online troubleshooting allows HVAC contractors to either execute quick repairs online or reduce onsite service call time and facility downtime by arriving prepared with the required tools and replacement components.  

The dozens of sensors Seresco builds into every dehumidifier transmit troubleshooting data, such as compressor discharge temperatures, return, supply and exhaust air imbalances, insufficient refrigerant levels and other parameters critical to preventative maintenance. 

Besides the mobile web app, WebSentry also:

• Surpasses the dehumidifier industry's previous standard of dial-up modems or no remote communication at all;

• Helps predict future wear-and-tear failures, such as costly compressor burnouts before they occur;

• Indicates whether the local HVAC service contractor executes proper dehumidifier performance adjustments;

• Automatically emails alarm alerts to authorized users;

• Helps make Seresco the most efficient lowest operational cost dehumidifier brand on the market by monitoring each dehumidifier's state-of-the-art design and components such as direct drive fans, compressor pressure transducers and an adjustable proprietary  predictive-type controller loop.