Seresco-020215-body.jpgSeresco USA Inc. has introduced the NE 200 Series. According to the company, the NE 200 series is the industry's smallest horizontal two-compressor footprint dehumidifier and the only HVAC system designed specifically for retrofitting residential, hotel, and medium-sized community indoor pools of up to 5,000 sq ft. 

The NE 200 Series' modular piggyback configurations offer the same capacity as most conventionally-sized dehumidifiers, but with a 50% smaller footprint making them ideal for retrofitting mechanical rooms with 32-in-wide access doors or limited floor space.

The NE 208 to NE 214 (8 to 14-tons) horizontal modular pair configurations have  a 40- to 80-lb. of moisture/hr. capacity range and are shipped as 77 (L) x 43 (W)-in packaged units with two compressors, two fans, two coils, and other dual components. Compared to conventional dehumidifiers of similar capacities, the NE 216 to NE 232 (16 to 32-tons) systems also offer a smaller footprint of 90 (L) x 62 (W)-in that can fit through 44-in-wide access doors and consume less than 38-sq-ft of mechanical room space. 

For example, the company claims a 14-ton NE 200 Series package consisting of two modular 7-ton units offers significant installation cost savings because of easy wheeling through doorways and a factory-engineered quick-connect modular design that allows unit interconnectivity within an hour. Conversely, a 14-ton conventional dehumidifier's larger footprint would require one to two days of onsite break-down and assembly inside mechanical rooms with poor access. Furthermore, two conventional 7-ton units not designed for modularity like the NE 200 Series would require the significant onsite interfacing costs to work in tandem. 

Besides compactness, The NE 200 Series' proprietary CommandCenter® microprocessor-based controller allows indoor pool operators the energy efficiency of staging one unit off during low occupancies, the potential for maintenance savings from less equipment wear-and-tear, and the reliability of redundancy in the event one of the identical units needs service. Seresco's proprietary WebSentry® free internet monitoring service continually updates more than 60 real-time efficiency and operating parameters accessible via computer web browsers or smart phones 24/7.