MEMSIC Inc. has created its MEMS based pressure sensor designed for VAV damper control as well as HVC applications such as room pressure monitoring, fume hood controls, furnace press switches, heat recovery systems, burner control, fan control, filter monitoring, and many others. The company claims the new MEMSIC MDP200 thermal differential pressure sensor provides HVAC system developers with competitively priced sensors with high-null stability, accuracy, and reliability of a MEMS structure and CMOS platform. The MDP200 is an integrated MEMS thermal differential pressure sensor that utilizes thermopile structures similar to the company’s MEMS accelerometers.

According to company officials, integrating electronics into the sensor chip eliminates the presence of wire bonding (from the sensor chip to the electronics) in the flow channel.  Such integration helps to improve reliability as there are no wires to trap fuzz and dust or to be exposed to corrosion. Integration of sensors and electronics also reduces the sensor costs by reducing electronics components and packaging size.