HUDSON, Mass. — Edgetech Instruments Inc.'s COM.AIR dewpoint monitor is now available with the company’s X3 high performance primary method chilled mirror sensor, offering a high level of reliability and accuracy available in compressed air system dewpoint measurement.

The Edgetech Instruments X3 chilled mirror sensor is specifically designed to measure the dew/frost point under demanding conditions. The sensor’s minimized sample cavity results in rapid dry-down times, fast response, and quick detection of upset conditions. Its chamber design and high-efficiency heat exchanger result in the ability to measure very low frost points.

This primary method dewpoint measurement technology is fully NIST traceable utilizing a chilled mirror sensor, one of the most accurate dewpoint sensor types available, to deliver consistent drift-free measurement without regular calibration or sensor replacement.

The COM.AIR is a complete dewpoint monitoring system. Its ruggedized aluminum NEMA-12 enclosure houses the sensor control circuitry as well as flow control, and is easily wall-mounted to conserve space. Only a sample line and power connections are needed for the system to be made operational.

The COM.AIR also offers a programmable automatic balance control (ABC) cycle that corrects for the light reducing effects of mirror contaminates and allows for continuous monitoring and virtually maintenance-free operation. For more information, visit