acuity-090913-body.jpgAcuity Brands Inc. introduced its new LSXR Fixture-Mount Sensor from Sensor Switch®. This sensor offers up to four interchangeable lenses and an integrated, adjustable mounting bracket, making it ideal for both high-mount and low-mount lighting control applications. According to the company, current and emerging energy standards and codes require the use of occupancy sensors to help cut energy consumption. Lighting represents a significant share of a building’s overall energy footprint. Reducing that load by using occupancy sensors to turn lighting off and on can drastically reduce energy consumption. Sensors can also provide an added level of user convenience. The LSXR Fixture-Mount Occupancy Sensor offers up to four lenses designed for varying applications and mounting heights. The ability to change out lenses eliminates the need to replace the entire sensor. The LSXR sensor can be ordered stand-alone in a variety of powering and dimming options through local electrical distributors or it can be ordered pre-installed on many luminaires from Acuity Brands.