Eaton Compressor has released its all-new 1,200 cfm refrigerated air dryer, an energy-efficient air dryer system that comes with an aluminum refrigerated air inner cooler. The refrigerated compressed air dryer purifies compressed air by chilling to condense moisture. It has a design condensate which is drained and carries out oil and dirt particles away from the air. Models less than 400 cfm come with a refrigerant pressure gauge which helps monitor performance of dew point temperature. Refrigerated air dryer models with 400 cfm and above have advanced PLC displays.

Eaton Compressor officials report that the company has introduced many advanced engineering features in their new 1,200 cfm refrigerated Air Dryer. The use of a unique outlet air baffle heater in the air dryer helps prevent condensation on outlet air piping. There are many other features like top mounted condenser and fan motor and refrigerated air inlet cooler for an efficient cooling effect. The whole environment-friendly 134A refrigerant unit comes assembled in a heavy duty steel cabinet.

The 1,200 cfm refrigerated Air Dryer comes with a 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger and two-year warranty on the unit.