Eaton Compressor has announced it is slashing prices on all varieties of air compressors sold by them. This includes its popular 15 hp vertical piston air compressor and the 30 hp rotary screw air compressor among many others.

“We are offering discounted pricing on all varieties of our air compressors including the hugely popular and in demand 30 hp rotary screw air compressors,” says Matt Cain, president and CEO of Eaton Compressor. “We want to show our loyal and dedicated clients that we appreciate their continued patronage. They can claim discounted pricing on all air compressors they order from our website but it is advisable they do it fast because this is a limited time offer.”

Eaton Compressor says its most popular piston compressor products includes the Premium Vertical Piston Series 5-15 hp, Industrial Series 5-10 hp, Whisper Quiet Piston Series, Premium Horizontal Piston Series ranging from 5 to 25 hp, Portable Honda Gas Driven Piston, Portable Electric Driven Series, Premium Piston Packages, and Premium Dual Units among others.

The discounted pricing announced by the company will remain in effect for a limited period. Customers can order their requirements directly from the company’s website at