Sullair Corporation has introduced its new SSRC refrigerated cycling compressed air dryer. Designed to reduce the cost of drying compressed air, the SSRC Dryer is furnished in nine models, ranging from 175 to 1000 scfm. These dryers offer a wide range of operating and performance features to help users reduce energy consumption for greater cost savings by matching power consumption to actual operating conditions.

Sullair’s refrigerated cycling compressed air dryer utilizes the reliable and energy-saving scroll compressor, standard on SSRC-400 to SSRC-1000 models. Other standard features on these dryer models include a unique zero-loss drain integrated into the heat exchanger to collect condensate. As condensate builds, it activates a drain level sensor to evacuate collected material. The drain cycle continually adjusts itself to working conditions.

The SSRC dryers provide a variety of features that extend the operating efficiency. Among these is a high capacity demister separator. Designed to remove condensed liquids, the demister lowers the air velocity that maximizes the separation of condensate, even when the dryer is not operating at maximum flow. The dryers are designed with oversized condensers to allow operation up to 140°F (60°C) air inlet and 115°F (46°C) high ambient temperatures.

In addition, the SSRC’s sophisticated control program ensures the lowest dewpoints at all times. While cycling dryers typically control only the thermal mass temperature, the SSRC monitors both the thermal mass and dewpoint temperatures, allowing better dew point control and load variation anticipation. Sullair’s oversized “slow flow” demister is non-velocity sensitive and therefore offers perfect cross separation, regardless of airflow.

All Sullair SSRC refrigerated dryers feature R404A, the most environmentally green refrigerant available featuring zero potential for ozone depletion. R404A is also more efficient than other refrigerants, offering lower power consumption, reduced refrigerant needs and smaller refrigerant compressor requirements.

Designed for convenient service, all Sullair SSRC dryers have a single panel to access all components for standard maintenance. The control panel, located in a separate enclosure, is easily accessed from the front of the dryer. Added versatility is also provided by positioning of the condenser section separate from the main body of the dryer to allow proper airflow and condenser cooling during maintenance. The solenoid valve is accessible from the outside of the dryer without removing any panels.