KSB-041515-body.jpgKrueger-HVAC now offers five different models of blower coils that are divided into three different groups: Standard, Small Footprint, and Modular. The new models include KBH (standard, horizontal blower coil), KBV (standard, vertical blower coil), KSB (small footprint, vertical blower coil with rear return), KSL (small footprint, vertical blower coil with bottom return), and KBM (modular blower coil).

While all the units exhibit similar traits, each offers a unique set of features that can be beneficial for certain applications. According to Krueger-HVAC, its standard horizontal and vertical blower coil units achieve higher airflows at higher static pressures than typical direct drive fan coils, making them a common choice for a large majority of building applications. When floor space is at a premium and thermal loads are high, Krueger’s small footprint, vertical models are an ideal solution. Nominal capacities on these units range from 2 tons to nearly 8 tons with a footprint that is just slightly larger than a vertical fan coil unit.

For complete flexibility and to meet challenging space limitations or obstructions, indoor air quality requirements, control selections, or stringent acoustical demands, the vast number of options available with the modular blower coil will allow for a custom solution that delivers on all points.