RAE Coils announced that it is manufacturing replacement and OEM evaporative condensing tube bundles. The tube bundles are a critical component of the highly efficient condensing units originally manufactured by Mammoth’s Ultraline and Penthouse brands. When compared with air cooled technology, the company says this product can result in a reduction of up to 35% in annual operating costs.

Company officials also said evaporative condensing units cool more efficiently than air-cooled units because the surface of the refrigerant tubes is sprayed with water, thereby allowing the tube bundles to reject more heat than in an air-cooled system with the same surface area and airflow. The increased efficiency of the evaporative-cooled unit results in decreased energy usage and operational costs.

The tubes in RAE Coils’ evaporative cooling tube bundles are constructed from copper to provide optimal heat transfer. Evaporative condensing units with RAE Coils’ evaporative condensing tube bundles are ideal for use in commercial applications, such as hospitals, universities, industrial buildings, and more.