Mammoth-102014-body.jpgMammoth has launched a new water source heat pump line, HydroBank MS, designed specifically for developer, new construction, and replacement markets where compact design and a low first cost are primary considerations. The company says its new HydroBank MS design is characterized by its small cabinet size and by features that make it easy to install and service.

Flush-mounted water fittings eliminate the need for a backup wrench to tighten hose connections. Factory-installed duct collars simplify duct connections. Easy access to the electrical enclosure speeds hookup of power and controls. In addition, the horizontal unit discharge can be easily field-converted to match the configuration requirements of the unit being replaced.

With Water Loop (WHLP) Energy Efficiency Ratios (EERs) of up to 14.9 with ECM motors, HydroBank MS units surpass ASHRAE 90.1 requirements and are eligible for most utility rebates and tax incentive programs. Factory-installed options include but are not limited to: hot gas reheat, hot gas bypass, electronically commutated motors (ECM), two-way motorized control valves, and DDC controls.