Waterfurnace_04-30-12_body.jpgWaterFurnace introduces the 5 Series high temperature hydronic heat pump.

WaterFurnace International, Inc. introduces the 5 Series 502W12 high temperature hydronic heat pump.

Capable of 150°F water output, the 5 Series 502W12 makes upgrading to a WaterFurnace geothermal system easy, particularly where the replacement system must work with existing cast iron or baseboard radiators. In a building with a radiant floor heating system, the unit’s higher water temperature means the 502W12 can be installed between joists under the floor, removing the need to alter existing flooring.

The 502W12 uses two high-efficiency Copeland Scroll™ compressors for reliable, low-cost operation. Compressor blankets, double-isolation mounting plates and a discharge muffler ensure a quiet system. In addition, two brazed plate heat exchangers provide increased efficiency, performance and reliability. Smaller than traditional coaxial exchangers, they allow the 502W12 to provide high-capacity performance in a compact unit.

The 5 Series 502W12 includes these other design components:

  • Sophisticated FX10 controls, which provide lead/lag compressor management, adjustable delayed start, advanced freeze sensing system, advanced fault detection and management, and alarm history recording
  • IntelliStart® optional soft starter, which reduces start-up amperage by 60 percent of normal draw to reduce noise, eliminate light flicker and increase compressor life
  • Field switchable control box so the unit can be oriented two different ways

The 5 Series 502W12 cabinet comes standard with a professional grade finish for long-lasting beauty and protection. The system is fully insulated for quiet operation with cleanable, foil-backed insulation. In addition, the cabinet is designed so waterlines can face either the front or back for installation flexibility. Optional factory-installed, top-mounted waterline connections allow the system to fit seamlessly into any installation.

In addition, the 5 Series 502W12 exceeds ENERGY STAR® requirements and qualifies for a 30 percent federal tax credit.